Sneakers in Sparks has something very special this NFL Football Season, We have FREE pizza during the NFL games. We are talking Thursday night, all day Sunday, and Monday Night Football during the games we will be serving super good Pizza Baron pizza for all of our customers with the purchase of a yummy beverage.

We have 9 flat screen TVs to show all of the games on. We have football squares for sale every week so you can take a chance of winning cash every Monday Night.

Sundays at all locations, we have our awesome Happy Hour that goes from 10am to 7pm so you can save on your favorite wine, beer, and well alcohol.

Every Saturday & Sunday 9 am to Noon!

$6.99 Breakfast Burrito

Sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, onion, bell peppers, potatoes, and cheese, served with tater tots.

$6.99 Egg Sandwich

Egg, either ham, sausage, or bacon, and cheese, mayo, lettuce, and tomato on a hoagie bun served with tater tots.

$3.50 Biscuits and Gravy

Two biscuits and country gravy, YUM!

$6.99 Omelets

Your choice of 4 ingredients inside, served with tater tots.

Breakfast Quiche Pizza

This is priced just like a cheese pizza, each additional topping is extra. You can order in small, medium, or large sizes.

Saturday Drink Special – $2.75 House Bloody Mary

Sunday Drink Specials – Happy Hour from 10 Am to 7 Pm

We have all sorts of cool things going on at Sneakers for Super Bowl.
All Sneakers Sports Bar and Grill will have Happy Hour prices from 10-7. You will also get one free jello shot when the Broncos score their first score and one free jello shot when the Seahawks score their first score. Jello shots are $1.50 each after that. We also have prizes to hand out. Down below are additional cool things that each store has going on:

Sneakers #1 in Stead
Free Nacho Bar!!

Sneakers # 2 on Longley & McCarran
Free Nacho Bar!!
Hot Dog Eating Contest!!! Cool prizes!

Sneakers # 3 in Sparks
Free Pizza Baron Pizza during the game!

Just in case you didn’t know, all of our bars have Flat Screen TVs. Yay!!!

We can’t wait to see you!

Come to Sneakers on Longley this Saturday night to celebrate with Dori as she moves on to bigger and better things. Miss Dori has been a huge part of Sneakers for the last 12 years and it is now time for her to go to work using her degree in accounting.

We will be passing around a hat on Saturday to help Dori transition her bar wardrobe into something a little more professional. I don’t think a Broncos jersey is going to work at the new place. LOL. Donations are completely not expected, BTW.

Dori would love for you to stop by and to say farewell and to have a drink or two in her honor. The party starts at 6 but Dori works Saturday day shift.

See you there!!!

Football Specials! Something brand new that Sneakers is starting today, we are giving away free pizza all day Sundays during NFL games and Thursday Night NFL too. Come on it, watch the game, drink beer, and get free Pizza Baron pizza. See you today at Sneakers on Disc and Vista in Sparks.

Sneakers has some fantastic specials this year for the Super Bowl.

$5 Breakfast Special (8am-11am)

$2 Coors/Coors Light/ Blue Moon draft or bottles (10 am-Midnight)

$5 Appetizers

$2 Jagermeister shots (10am-Midnight)

$3.50 Jager Bombs (10am-Midnight)

$2 Bloody Marys (all day)

Free Nacho Bar starts 1/2 an hour before the game and ends at the end of the 3rd quarter

$5 Sneaker Burgers/Sneaker Cheeseburgers (No additions or Substitutions)

Come down for the Super bowl. Sneakers Bar and Grill will be giving out tons of prizes. Sneakers will be giving out lots of hats, t-shirts, and other prizes. Each Sneakers will be giving out two Grand Prizes to a couple of people who come down and hang out with Sneakers for the Super Bowl.

Drawing will be held at half time and the end of the game for the Grand Prizes.

Anyone who comes down to Sneakers wearing a NFL Football jersey (any team) will get a free well drink or domestic draft. It must be a jersey, no t-shirts or sweatshirts count.